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Music producer Jaka Bostjancic: Making music nowadays is easier than ever

Photo from Jaka’s official Instagram profile (@nghtbldofficial)


Jaka Bostjancic is a young music producer from Slovenia, making music under his artistic name NGHTBLD. You might have heard some of his work on the radio, he has worked with dozens of worldwide artists and currently focuses on expanding his reach.


The creative life of Jaka is made of two main passions: music and marketing, which are inevitably connected. He says music to him is much more than just making beats and this is where his passion for marketing also takes the spotlight. “Making beats is all fine and dandy but that alone won’t make you a world star. You need a proper marketing plan and you can either do it yourself or hire an agency. The latter is obviously better, but people tend to forget how much you can achieve on your own as well, especially if you put a lot of effort into it.”

However, Jaka enjoys all aspects of making music, from a draft to a finished version, but he says nothing can compare to the feeling of listening to song’s final version.

Making music is so much fun. You get to decide which instruments to use, how fast the song will be, what genre, what kind of drums you want to compose and so on. But it can’t compare to the feeling of listening to the final track. Even better when you see the whole puzzle come together and have a music video done!

On the other hand, he still haves some hope for artists who can’t afford proper marketing. “I know a few artists who utilized just free traffic and got famous, like really famous. A lot of musicians are focusing just on music and putting all efforts there, that’s totally fine. I guess it’s just up to you how you want to spend your time and what objective you have in mind as a musician.”

Photo from Jaka’s official Instagram profile (@nghtbldofficial)

He’s looking for ways to take his music to the next level

Jaka describes his music as very personal, because it always originates from his feelings and experiences. That’s a must if you want to release authentic & original music he says: “It’s not necessary that you always tell true stories with your music. And since I just make instrumental music, it’s even harder to convey a story. That’s why I focus on expressing feelings which can be easily done in any instrumental genre. I would describe the music I create as a snippet of my feelings and fans seem to like where it comes from.”

His style is closest to trap & hiphop, but he’s looking for ways to create something new and give something fresh to the world. “I love almost all music genres but aspire to create something new, something my very own. Trends change as time progresses, that’s inevitable, the question is am I going to be the person who invented the next genre, or will the X guy/girl be.”

Built the studio in his basement

The first photo is actually his renovated basement, now a man-cave or as he calls it “home f*cking studio”. “When you’re just starting out as a music producer, you have no problem working in your bedroom. That’s where the term “bedroom producer” comes from. But as you get better, you tend to work more, even during the night. And since I don’t live alone, that was a problem. Because producing with headphones is just not the same, you don’t experience the same energy, something’s just missing. So I decided to build a basement studio, fix up sound acoustics and here we are.”


A song from space

American astronaut Drew Feustel is excited about playing guitar and he’s a good friend with Canadian rockers The Tragically Hip. Together they decided to write a song and record it in space.

Drew Feustel, currently in the International Space Station, joined forces with the Canadian band The Tragically Hip and together recorded a rock song. Astronavt also captured video from the universe in the video. He devoted his song to his colleagues as well as to his family and friends.

The text was taken care of by the bassist band The Tragically Hip, Gord Sinclair. The sound and recording was agreed by James McKenty, while Colin McDonald and Kelly McKenty recorded additional voices.


Madonna’s Fans Seem Mad

There were no big suprises at this year’s MTV Music Awards. Some people even joked that it was like a picnic in the park on a sunny Sunday, with a couple of selfies that’ll soon be forgotten. But in which hands did the Awards end up?

The political statement was provided by a rapper Logic, who was wearing a T-Shirt with a “F*ck the wall” caption on it. On the stage besides him, there were also children from immigrant families wearing t-shirts labeled ‘we are all people’. In the official statement, the participants wrote that they protested against inhumane acts, such as the separation of immigrant children from their parents, which was supported by the Trump administration.

Jennifer Lopez received the Michael Jackson video Vanguard Award, which is awarded to artists for their contribution to culture, fashion and music. Her speech was dedicated to her 10-year-old twins and partner: “When two little angels came into my life, my life changed. I knew I had to be better, to go higher and to be stronger. This unconditional love showed me, that I have to strive even higher, so now I stand here better than ever. ”

The fever in the hall was taken care of by the Colombian singer Malum, and for the sorrowing Madonna with a long speech, which was supposedly dedicated to the late queen soul Aretha Franklin. According to comments on Twitter, the fans were outraged because MTV did not provide for the right tribute. “Without her songs, without her videos, only the strange Madonna’s speech … it’s not worth the queen,” angry comments came up. “Madonna was only talking about herself,” one of the fans was disappointed.”

“Aretha Louise was the person who changed the course of my life. When I left at Detroit 18, I had $35 in my pocket. My dream was to become a professional dancer. I fought for quite a few years, I was completely without money, so I decided to go on a musical audition … I sang the song of Lady Soul Arethe Franklin…

That was just a fraction of a long speech, in which she talked about how much she had to endure to come to top of the music scene.

Famous Musicians and Their Famous Guitars

You know how they say: It’s not the gear, it’s the ear – Which means that music equipment doesn’t matter that much at all, you just have to know how to use it. But still, it’s nice to sometimes wonder what type of instruments other, famous musicians use. We’ll take a look at some big guitar players today (and rockstars too) and find out which guitars are their favorite ones.

Kurt Cobain

Although he have used almost infinite amount of guitars in his career, a couple of ones definitely stand out and it seems like he loved those. As far as the brand goes, he used Fender the most, they even made him a special guitar called Jag-stang. That’s really a mix of his two favorite guitars: the Jaguar and Mustang.

If you’re also in love with Fender guitars, you can read more about their models on IndieHQ – they found out which are the best acoustic guitars after comparing dozens of them.


Willie Nelson

His obviously favorite guitar is the Martin N-20. He even said that after this guitar is gone, he will just quit his career. Might just be an exaggeration, but it shows how much he loved it.



The next guitar was beloved by Prince, and also featured in Purple Rain (film). His favorite guitar goes by the name of Cloud and was made in 1983, by David Rusan.


Neil Young

He have been using “Old Black” guitar for over 40 years, which is an amazing fact itself. Although this guitar is pretty heavy, and Neil even admitted it caused him back pains, it’s amazing to see how dedicated musicians can be to their instruments.


Paul McCartney

The last one we’re going to take a look at today is Paul. If you like Beatles, you probably remember their violin-shaped bass guitar – Hofner Bass. Many bass players wanted to use the same model, which was very symmetrical and pleasing, but all they had was “cheap” replicas.


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Best Music Videos of 2018 (So Far)

We decided to spice up our blog (just a tiny bit) and create a post just around music videos. We can all agree that it’s getting better and better – Musicians are making more money, which results in Filmmakers and Cinematographers getting paid more, and having more filming budget. That’s why some of this year’s music videos blew our minds. Let’s take a quick look at top 5.

Ariana always suprises with her music videos. This one is obviously 80% done with CGI. But still, it took a lot of effort to create it. There’s actually some behind the scenes videos and it looks crazy to see how they made this!


This one is really a throw-back to 80s and I love them for that.


Now, some of you might say “Oh, but this one isn’t that good at all, meh.”. And I agree, it’s not the most cinematic or high quality video, but the way they matched music with visuals is outstanding.


This one really blew me away. It’s great thought out and beautifully shot. Right on!

Music History

Music is almost as old as the human race itself, although many historians argue as to the exact age of the first musical instrument. A musical instrument is defined as anything that can be used to produce a rhythm, or tone. Because of that, scholars state the first ‘true’ musical instrument known to man was a pair of human hands which could be used to clap along to singing in order to hold a beat. Beating on fallen trees, hollowed out logs and stones with a stick was another way early man expressed musical ability.     

Research has shown that some of the earliest instruments created by man, specifically for the purpose of creating musical tones, are flutes dating back to Egypt in 3100 BC made from hollow reeds. These reed ‘flutes’ were one of the only musical instruments known until 3000 BC when the Sumerians began to create stringed instruments called ‘lyres’. By 1500 BC, more modern instruments were coming about: horns made from cow and goat horns, and even an early form of trumpet made from hammered bronze. These horns were not only used to make music, they are also thought to have played a large part in helping shepherds call their herds and flocks.      

Because these early instruments had a very short range of tones, the music produced by them would not sound like modern music. Historians believe the songs written during the early days of human life were very basic and simple, although no written songs have been found to support their theories. In fact, the first written song found has been dated to 4,000 years ago, long after the invention of the first musical instruments.      

Instruments were created out of the need to have a way to express what we as humans are feeling, when words just aren’t enough. Music is enjoyable to many people because it allows them to express their feelings without having to speak, and is also a way to bring together groups of people who may otherwise have nothing in common. Aside from the emotional benefits, listening to music has also been proven to have physical benefits as well. Studies have shown music has the ability to lower high blood pressure levels, ease headaches, and even lift depression.

Music has the power to lift your mood, ease worries, and express sadness, which makes it enjoyable to almost everyone. When words fail, music speaks to not only the mind, but also the heart and soul.