Detroit’s Mayor proclaims this week Detroit Techno Week

971693_561242253916965_1661251965_nDetroit holds a very special place in the hearts of techno and electronic dance music enthusiasts, and that’s to say the very least. With artists such as Jeff Mills, Stacey Pullen, Carl Craig, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson at its helm, the city has given birth to a contagious phenomenon felt across the globe, Detroit Techno. Comprised of its own unique styling, it’s a type of techno that characterizes the first techno productions by Detroit-based artists during the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Amazingly, 30 some odd years later, Detroit Techno is thriving, having been exported across the globe to electronic dance music’s most sacred places: Ibiza, Berlin, Barcelona and far, far beyond.

Thus, today marks a very special day for the city, as Detroit’s Mayor, Dave Bing, has signed an official proclamation starting that today is the official start of Detroit Techno Week! embracing the city’s Movement Electronic Music Festival that has taken place at Hart Plaza every Memorial Day Weekend since 2000! Now it’s even more opportune to partake in the revelry, the ring of Detroit Techno Week is pretty nifty.

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