PillowTalk’s Mike Tello shares his thoughts on music, touring and this week’s live 3D act


There was a melting pot in San Francisco which combined three men’s musical tastes and stirred them into a trio that would bring about something new to how we are used to performances in the EDM world.  Separately there names are Mike Tello, Sammy D. and Ryan Williams but together they are known as PillowTalk. I got the chance to talk to Mike Tello about PillowTalk’s creative process, touring with the Crew Love clan and the upcoming Immersion event here in New York later this week on Thursday, April 25th. 


The event, Immersion Presents: Pillowtalk Live- Extended 3 hour set will create a space where you are immersed  into the experience of the party by using technology like 360 projection mapping to fully control the setting and trick your senses into believing you are in a different environment. Founder/managing director Jan Gerards and founder/creative director Joshua Dominati are constantly progressing their work with 3D effects. It brings something new to installations and projections that are usually only seen at big festivals such as Burning Man, Electric Zoo, Sensation and this year at Coachella. However in New York, many events have stepped up their installation game to add an extra layer to the party experience. Immersion has a well built team to really take live performances to the next level, as they are proving with this week’s first look at PillowTalk’s live show before they begin their European tour this summer.

Here is my Q&A with Mike Tello of PillowTalk:

Are you excited about the 360 projects and how it will enhance the live show?

Yes, Joshua Harms is very talented and I have had the pleasure of working with Joshua on some Burning Man fundraising events and have been friends with him for a long time back in San Francisco. I look forward to seeing how PillowTalk 3D, will come out. We will just have to wait and see.

What sets apart PillowTalk live from the rest of the live electronic music acts out there?Do you see Live acts growing out of EDM ?

The three of us are musicians and enjoy playing our instruments. So see the love and energy that goes into our live set. Live shows have always been a key part of Electronic Dance Music. It’s a great feeling for a fan to hear their favorite song live. It evokes a connection with the artist and the music.

What influences do you draw upon when you are in the studio creating your music? what is the dynamic between the 3 of you when creating music?

Sammy, Ryan and I draw inspiration from each other in the sense that we have fun and each bring something different and creative to the table. All of us listen to different styles and genres of music that inspire us individually and we like to share music with each other during the creative process. Sometimes Ryan will have an idea of a melody and song lyrics that I then add beats and backing music to and Sammy then sings and helps with the overall writing and arrangement. Or then there’s times when I’ll have a beat, song, melody that I started and Ryan will add keys, bass and lyrics. Other times Sammy is the mastermind with the whole track laid out in his head. Every time is different.

You guys have been apart of the Wolf+Lamb crew love tour, which state or country has been your favorite place on tour? Who are your favorite artists to play alongside?

The BPM Festival in Playa Del Carmen was the most fun we’ve had rocking out with the W+L Crew Love Tour. Playing for our fans as the sun set on the beach was a unforgettable memory for the three of us. Crew Love is true love. Tanner Ross and Slow Hand’s new live show is the business. No Regular Play and Navid Izadi always deliver as well.

We wrote a piece on Parties4Peace, how was playing at the Gato Y Disco party in Miami that they hosted?

Gato Y Disco was at one of the coolest classiest bar/clubs we’ve played live in Miami without the pretentious vibes called Bardot. The lineup, sound and crowd was amazing and all for a great cause. It doesn’t get better than that.

Lastly, How does playing live feel for you guys?

We do what we love and love what we do.


Here is the Promo Video for this Thursday, come support not only PillowTalk but the beauty of technology with Immersion and some free cocktails!

Enjoy some PillowTalk music