Best Music Videos of 2018 (So Far)

We decided to spice up our blog (just a tiny bit) and create a post just around music videos. We can all agree that it’s getting better and better – Musicians are making more money, which results in Filmmakers and Cinematographers getting paid more, and having more filming budget. That’s why some of this year’s music videos blew our minds. Let’s take a quick look at top 5.

Ariana always suprises with her music videos. This one is obviously 80% done with CGI. But still, it took a lot of effort to create it. There’s actually some behind the scenes videos and it looks crazy to see how they made this!


This one is really a throw-back to 80s and I love them for that.


Now, some of you might say “Oh, but this one isn’t that good at all, meh.”. And I agree, it’s not the most cinematic or high quality video, but the way they matched music with visuals is outstanding.


This one really blew me away. It’s great thought out and beautifully shot. Right on!