Famous Musicians and Their Famous Guitars

You know how they say: It’s not the gear, it’s the ear – Which means that music equipment doesn’t matter that much at all, you just have to know how to use it. But still, it’s nice to sometimes wonder what type of instruments other, famous musicians use. We’ll take a look at some big guitar players today (and rockstars too) and find out which guitars are their favorite ones.

Kurt Cobain

Although he have used almost infinite amount of guitars in his career, a couple of ones definitely stand out and it seems like he loved those. As far as the brand goes, he used Fender the most, they even made him a special guitar called Jag-stang. That’s really a mix of his two favorite guitars: the Jaguar and Mustang.

If you’re also in love with Fender guitars, you can read more about their models on IndieHQ – they found out which are the best acoustic guitars after comparing dozens of them.


Willie Nelson

His obviously favorite guitar is the Martin N-20. He even said that after this guitar is gone, he will just quit his career. Might just be an exaggeration, but it shows how much he loved it.



The next guitar was beloved by Prince, and also featured in Purple Rain (film). His favorite guitar goes by the name of Cloud and was made in 1983, by David Rusan.


Neil Young

He have been using “Old Black” guitar for over 40 years, which is an amazing fact itself. Although this guitar is pretty heavy, and Neil even admitted it caused him back pains, it’s amazing to see how dedicated musicians can be to their instruments.


Paul McCartney

The last one we’re going to take a look at today is Paul. If you like Beatles, you probably remember their violin-shaped bass guitar – Hofner Bass. Many bass players wanted to use the same model, which was very symmetrical and pleasing, but all they had was “cheap” replicas.


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