Music producer Jaka Bostjancic: Making music nowadays is easier than ever

Photo from Jaka’s official Instagram profile (@nghtbldofficial)


Jaka Bostjancic is a young music producer from Slovenia, making music under his artistic name NGHTBLD. You might have heard some of his work on the radio, he has worked with dozens of worldwide artists and currently focuses on expanding his reach.


The creative life of Jaka is made of two main passions: music and marketing, which are inevitably connected. He says music to him is much more than just making beats and this is where his passion for marketing also takes the spotlight. “Making beats is all fine and dandy but that alone won’t make you a world star. You need a proper marketing plan and you can either do it yourself or hire an agency. The latter is obviously better, but people tend to forget how much you can achieve on your own as well, especially if you put a lot of effort into it.”

However, Jaka enjoys all aspects of making music, from a draft to a finished version, but he says nothing can compare to the feeling of listening to song’s final version.

Making music is so much fun. You get to decide which instruments to use, how fast the song will be, what genre, what kind of drums you want to compose and so on. But it can’t compare to the feeling of listening to the final track. Even better when you see the whole puzzle come together and have a music video done!

On the other hand, he still haves some hope for artists who can’t afford proper marketing. “I know a few artists who utilized just free traffic and got famous, like really famous. A lot of musicians are focusing just on music and putting all efforts there, that’s totally fine. I guess it’s just up to you how you want to spend your time and what objective you have in mind as a musician.”

Photo from Jaka’s official Instagram profile (@nghtbldofficial)

He’s looking for ways to take his music to the next level

Jaka describes his music as very personal, because it always originates from his feelings and experiences. That’s a must if you want to release authentic & original music he says: “It’s not necessary that you always tell true stories with your music. And since I just make instrumental music, it’s even harder to convey a story. That’s why I focus on expressing feelings which can be easily done in any instrumental genre. I would describe the music I create as a snippet of my feelings and fans seem to like where it comes from.”

His style is closest to trap & hiphop, but he’s looking for ways to create something new and give something fresh to the world. “I love almost all music genres but aspire to create something new, something my very own. Trends change as time progresses, that’s inevitable, the question is am I going to be the person who invented the next genre, or will the X guy/girl be.”

Built the studio in his basement

The first photo is actually his renovated basement, now a man-cave or as he calls it “home f*cking studio”. “When you’re just starting out as a music producer, you have no problem working in your bedroom. That’s where the term “bedroom producer” comes from. But as you get better, you tend to work more, even during the night. And since I don’t live alone, that was a problem. Because producing with headphones is just not the same, you don’t experience the same energy, something’s just missing. So I decided to build a basement studio, fix up sound acoustics and here we are.”